35 Simple Steps to Preventing More Chargebacks

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Use These 8 Skills to Enhance Customer Service

How to Build a Culture of Quality in Your Customer Service Department

Providing an outstanding customer experience is one of the most important aspects of an effective chargeback prevention strategy.
Focusing on certain personnel skills and creating a culture of excellence will help ensure a satisfactory customer experience,

Delivery Confirmation and Chargebacks

Can Delivery Confirmation Help Prevent or Dispute Chargebacks?

Can consistent use of delivery confirmation save merchants from chargebacks? Research shows that delivery confirmation can be an effective part of a multi-tiered chargeback prevention and representment strategy.

Difference between ‘Acquiring Bank’ and ‘Issuing Bank’

Do You Know the Difference Between the Acquirer and Issuer?

The acquiring bank (also merchant bank or acquirer) is the financial institution that maintains the merchant’s bank account. The contract with the acquirer enables merchants to process credit and debit card transactions.

Section 75

Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act 1974

Wouldn’t it be great if an expert in Section 75 could help clarify the complicated legislation and offer advice and support on how to handle your claims? Now there is! The Chargeback Company has a team of experts specialising in Section 75 ready to help.

Chargeback Arbitration

Chargeback Arbitration

What is Involved in the Arbitration Process?

Chargebacks are a consumer protection mechanism, providing an opportunity for cardholders to dispute a card transaction. Like all other types of formal disputes, arbitration is available in situations where a decision can’t be reached.

Visa Claims Resolution (VCR)

Understanding the Implications of Visa Claims Resolution

Chargebacks are a decades-old process that hasn’t changed much since its inception. However, new policies and procedures associated with Visa Claims Resolution are set to revolutionise the way financial institutions and merchants process cardholder disputes.

Chargeback Time Limit

Chargeback Time Limits Applicable to Cardholders and Merchants

In order to ensure both the cardholders’ and merchants’ rights are upheld, all parties involved must adhere to the chargeback time limit of the applicable reason code.

Chargebacks Explained

What Are Chargebacks and What do They Mean for Your Business.

Whether you are a merchant who has received his first chargeback or a consumer curious about how chargebacks work, it is important to understand the purpose,

Chargeback Reason Codes

A Detailed Description of Mastercard and Visa Chargeback Reason Codes

Each chargeback is accompanied by a reason code. These numeric codes differ by card network, but all theoretically serve the same purpose: to describe the motivation behind the transaction dispute.