Chargeback System

How Effective Is Your Current Chargeback System?

The term "chargeback system" describes the policies and procedures a merchant has in place to deal with payment card chargebacks. Preventing and fighting chargebacks, however, is difficult—especially for new merchants.


Credit Card Dispute

Get the Rundown on the Credit Card Dispute Process

A credit card dispute, more commonly known as a credit card chargeback, occurs after your customer, identifying a transaction they believe is not valid, disputes the transaction to the issuing bank.

New VCR Study

Beyond VCR: Study Reveals the Good, the Bad & the Ugly of New Visa Rules

Have you been keeping up with Visa’s chargeback rules? Did you know that the new Visa Claims Resolution policy tosses out five decades of precedent,

Biometric Payments

Fingerprints, Facial Scans & Other Tools for Biometric Payments Help Eliminate Fraud

Fingerprint scanners? Facial recognition? Iris imaging? What is this…a movie?
No, this isn’t James Bond; biometric payments are no longer the stuff of sci-fi and spy films.