Comprehensive Chargeback Management

Chargeback Management

Prevent Chargebacks. Recover Revenue. Grow Your Business.

Chargebacks are just one of the many risks that threaten a business’s success, but they also happen to be the most dangerous. If left unchecked,
chargebacks steal profits and threaten a business’s longevity.

The Chargeback Company offers a comprehensive, two-part chargeback management solution: preventing and fighting chargebacks. At each stage of this two-fold approach, our chargeback experts use innovative strategies to minimise risk, optimise profitability, and ensure long-term growth.

Chargeback Management That Addresses All Three Sources of Chargebacks

Merchants must manage chargebacks based on their source, not ambiguous reason codes. Otherwise, management tactics only address the symptoms, not the actual problem.

Only The Chargeback Company is able to provide solutions to address all three sources of chargebacks:

1Merchant Error

In the context of chargebacks, seemingly insignificant errors and business best practice oversight can lead to substantial profit loss.

2Criminal Fraud

When a cardholder discovers an unauthorised transaction and files a chargeback, the merchant ultimately becomes the victim.

3Chargeback Fraud

Cardholders exploit loopholes in the chargeback process, using an illegitimate chargeback to steal from the merchant.

This unique management style, devised exclusively by The Chargeback Company, produces unrivaled results. We are able to reduce risk, cut costs, increase profitability, and enhance customer retention.

Customised Products Generate Superior Results

We at The Chargeback Company are constantly adding to our innovative, dynamic suite of products. We are dedicated to the task of creating pioneering chargeback management solutions as new obstacles threaten the success of your business.

Intelligent-Source-DetectionIntelligent Source Detection: Merchants can’t rely on the outdated and ambiguous reason code system to manage chargebacks. They must determine the source of the transaction dispute and identify the cardholder’s true motives. Only The Chargeback Company’s Intelligent Source Detection is capable of identifying the true reason behind the chargeback and creating effective management strategies. Learn More

Tactical-Chargeback-RepresentmentTactical Chargeback Representment: Our chargeback representment service is known as the gold standard throughout the industry. Our tactical and strategic chargeback management recovers more revenue, wins disputes against illegitimate chargebacks, keeps future issuance rates low, improves customer retention, and enhances the merchant-issuer relationship. Learn More

Chargeback-AlertsChargeback Alerts: Never let unauthorised transactions catch you off-guard again. We offer the world’s broadest protection, combining our own proprietary networks with third-party vendors to intercept and resolve more transaction disputes than any other service provider. With The Chargeback Company, you’re always one step ahead. Learn More

Affiliate-Fraud-ShieldAffiliate Fraud Alerts: Affiliate marketing can mean life or death for an e-commerce merchant. It can be a way to quickly boost sales, but also a source of fraud. Fraud resulting from unsavory marketing techniques increases the likelihood of chargebacks and revenue loss. Our Affiliate Fraud Alerts™ helps merchants identify threats that could jeopardise a campaign’s success. Learn More

Merchant-Compliance-ReviewMerchant Compliance Review: Merchants can’t allow simple mistakes and policy missteps to steal revenue. Our comprehensive chargeback mitigation product includes a 106-point inspection to detect merchant error, a customised action plan to eradicate chargeback triggers, and a quick and substantial reduction in chargeback issuances. Learn More

People Make Technology Work

Our chargeback management solution is the only one on the market today that incorporates the human element.

A computer can’t fix a problem created by humans, and humans are involved in every step of the chargeback process. Since the act of filing a chargeback isn’t automated, why should your management efforts rely on a one-size-fits-all approach?

The Chargeback Company uses proprietary technologies and machine learning, backed by expert human forensics, to provide guaranteed results.

The Chargeback Company’s solutions are created by former merchants who understand the unique challenges you face on a daily basis.

Our multi-layer quality control at each stage of the chargeback management process creates the most compelling disputes possible and ensures superior results.

Meticulous attention to detail prevents any errors that could potentially damage the merchant-issuer relationship.

Personal involvement identifies and rectifies issues that automation can’t address, including issuer declines, false positives, and other revenue-optimisation opportunities.

You Do What You Do Best…We’ll Manage the Chargebacks

Don’t spend another second worrying about chargebacks. These financial headaches aren’t your specialty, they’re ours! Your focus should be on finding and retaining customers. Let us keep the chargebacks under control.

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