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Do you devote valuable in-house resources to chargeback management, only to experience a disappointing return on your investment? Are transactions mysteriously being declined, causing profit loss to become a major liability? Are you confused by the complex industry jargon and the regulations that constantly change?

At The Chargeback Company, we understand the disastrous effect transaction disputes can have on the bottom line—but we aren’t interested in simply accepting chargebacks as a cost of doing business. We challenge the status quo by proving just how effective chargeback management can be.

The difference between a leader and a follower is innovation. The Chargeback Company has been a leader since day one. We know innovation is not achieved by adhering to the status quo; it’s only accomplished by break the mould and building a new formula.

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What Does The Chargeback Company Offer?

The Chargeback Company provides the most comprehensive approach to chargeback management. Partial solutions generate insufficient results. We’ll take you beyond a reliance on traditional fraud detection to optimise earning potential—guaranteed.

  • Our 100% agnostic solution allows you to keep all your current platforms—payment processor, gateway, fraud filter, and CRM. We’ll work with what you have.
  • The options of either non-technical or API integrations means you’ll be up and running quickly, usually within 30 days.
  • Process payments in any country and any currency because The Chargeback Company provides services across the card schemes’ coverage areas with on-demand, region-specific services.
  • A personal account manager is ready to assist you any time you have questions and provide one-on-one consulting to achieve optimal results.
  • We’ll automatically audit, review, and report pre-chargeback alert activities, meaning you’ll never pay for services you didn’t receive while benefiting from the broadest, most comprehensive chargeback protection.
  • Affiliate fraud detection means you can reject fraudulent sales without risking conversions.
  • Recon reports enable you to locate your reserve funds quickly and analyse your merchant account at a glance.
  • Pertinent reporting in real time allows you to easily and quickly identify potential threats.
  • Personalised services and custom KPIs mean you get exactly what you need to succeed—no one-size-fits-all solutions here.
  • You’ll experience an improvement to your bottom line—guaranteed. Our transparency and measured results mean you’ll know exactly what your ROI is.

The Chargeback Company offers three service levels, specifically designed to address your business’s needs. Choose a plan and let’s get started!

Why The Chargeback Company? Aren’t All Solutions the Same?

It’s easy to think that all chargeback management solutions are the same. That’s because many of the services offered by other companies are essentially identical–they provide similar, one-size-fits-all solutions that don’t evolve with the changing card-not-present landscape. Once you look at The Chargeback Company, however, you’ll realise that all solutions are not the same.

The Chargeback Company is the superior solution and our rapid growth, unprecedented win rate, and long-term client retention bear the evidence of our effectiveness.

We Believe…Our Experience is an Asset

As former merchants, we understand the challenges you face daily. Partnering with a chargeback service provider who doesn't have that first-hand experience is a risk. Anyone can follow the rule book, but the most valuable chargeback management skills can't be taught—they are learned through real-world involvement.

We Believe…Your Resources are Valuable

Your restricted access to regulation updates, limited exposure to industry nomenclature, and finite resources makes chargeback management an expensive process with little to no ROI. When you delegate the task of chargeback management, you're able to reallocate valuable resources to grow your business. You focus on finding and retaining customers; we'll worry about chargebacks.

We Believe…A Custom Solution is Needed

Automation is only effective if certain key factors can be predicted with some degree of certainty. Because humans are involved in every element of the chargeback process, there will always be unpredictability. Significant results cannot be generated with automated strategies. That’s why our chargeback experts are personally involved in every aspect of your business’s prevention and dispute efforts.

We Believe…Time is of the Essence

It doesn’t matter if your primary goal is prevention or revenue recovery, lengthy integrations are not ideal. Our solutions are designed to remove traditional barriers to decision-making so you can experience results risk-free, without delay, and when you need us most.

We Guarantee Results

At The Chargeback Company, we are so confident in our ability to provide a sustainable chargeback solution that we guarantee success. We promise a significant return on your investment and can guarantee performance results.

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Will I Qualify for Your Services?

The Chargeback Company offers scalable solutions that are customised for any business of any size in any industry. With the flexibility to accommodate a variety of payment options, sales methods, and dynamic transaction types, The Chargeback Company has what you need, when you need it.


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Still not sure if we’re a good fit? Contact us today to see how a customised management strategy will address the individual needs of your business.

Why Can’t I Just Use What I Have?

When it comes to chargeback management, you have many options to choose from. How do you know which is best?

Gateway Service Provider Customer Relationship Company Your In-House Employees
Custom Solution
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Consulting Services
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Chargeback Focus

"The Chargeback Company is more than a resource - they are a partner in our success. We didn't have time to navigate the unpredictable, tumultuous, and ever-changing intricacies of the global CNP processing industry. The Chargeback Company team quickly integrated their proprietary systems into our business, and within days, began identifying both internal errors we were making as merchants, as well as external fraud that was finding its way into our systems. The Chargeback Company has provided a massive addition to our bottom-line"

A.P., Director of Marketing, U.S. Digital Marketing Firm

You Do What You Do Best…We’ll Handle the Chargebacks

Don’t spend another second worrying about chargebacks. These financial challenges aren’t your specialty–they’re ours! Your focus should be on finding and retaining customers; we’ll make sure the chargebacks are under control.

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