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Chargebacks are just one of the many challenges of running a successful business—but they are among the most serious threats to merchants’ sustainability. If left unchecked, chargebacks will diminish earning potential, alienate customers, negatively impact industry relations, and threaten a business’s overall longevity. That’s why it is vitally important to dedicate resources to prevent chargebacks from happening.

Do You Understand the Consequences of Chargebacks?

Chargebacks have long been considered an unavoidable cost of doing business. If this has been your philosophy, you aren’t alone.

A large segment of eCommerce merchants experience chargebacks regularly, but do little to fight back. Merchants either believe it costs too much to prevent chargebacks or transaction disputes are perceived as an inevitable fact of life.

In reality, chargebacks are preventable. Not only is it possible to reduce the risk of chargebacks, it is an essential task you must deal with. If chargeback rates spike, you can expect:

  • Revenue-stealing merchant account reserves that create cash flow issues
  • Excessive fines and assessment fees
  • Additional administrative tasks like mitigation plan creation and implementation
  • Reputational damage with issuing banks
  • Inefficient distribution of valuable resources
  • Processing agreement termination
  • Industry penalisations that negatively impact sustainability
  • Inability to process credit card transactions in the future

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The average merchant doesn’t know what causes chargebacks, and they do not possess a sufficient understanding of chargeback prevention techniques. After all, why would they? Merchants specialise in creating, maintaining, and growing their businesses—not managing chargebacks.

However, if you can identify the source of transaction disputes, you are better equipped to prevent chargebacks.

Experts at The Chargeback Company have determined all chargebacks result from just three things:

Merchant Error:

transactions that are impacted by minor policy or procedural oversights

Criminal Fraud:

transactions that were not authorised by the cardholder

Friendly Fraud:

transactions that are disputed under false pretences or for unwarranted reasons

Managing chargebacks based on their source might seem logical and efficient, but how, exactly, do you go about identifying the source?

The Chargeback Company uses a tool called Intelligent Source Detection™, which is a combination of proprietary technology, machine learning, and human forensics. We are able to identify the true source of each chargeback—despite what misleading reason codes might imply—to resolve problems at their source.

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Once chargebacks are addressed at the source, you can take the necessary steps to reduce the impact of each with the right combination of specifically-targeted tools and strategies.

The goal should be to prevent the preventable chargebacks and dispute what’s left. So, eradicate merchant error. Reduce criminal fraud. Challenge friendly fraud.

Chargeback Prevention

Create a Comprehensive Plan

Failing to identify and address risk exposure means you’ll create an incomplete strategy that generates insufficient results.

For example, studies have found that merchants incorrectly assumed criminal fraud was to blame for the majority of their chargebacks and so tightened their fraud filter rules as the primary chargeback prevention strategy. Ultimately, this tactic backfired. Merchants lost £95 billion to false positives while actual criminal fraud was a mere £7 billion.

Each chargeback source calls for a unique prevention strategy. The key is to deploy the right tools and expertise at the right time to address the right problem.

Prevent Criminal Fraud

Ask for the CVV, check AVS, create blacklists, use VAU, request chargeback alerts, and fine tune fraud filters.

Start Preventing

Prevent Merchant Error

Establish best practices, improve quality control, analyse policies, and address procedural shortcomings.

Start Preventing

Prevent Friendly Fraud

Challenge illegitimate chargebacks via representment to retrain consumer behaviour.

Start Preventing

Most Effective Prevention Tactics and Tools

When creating a multi-layer strategy to prevent chargebacks, fraud, and other revenue loss, look for the following characteristics and abilities.

  • Objectivity.Auditing internal policies and procedures needs to be an impartial evaluation process.
  • Experience. There is no official guidebook for chargeback prevention. First-hand experience managing evolving threats yields the best results.
  • Strategic. A tactical approach to chargeback management is needed. An overly aggressive strategy can do more harm than good.
  • Dynamic Adaptation. Threats evolve. Solution need to grow and advance in tandem.
  • Customisation.Each business is different and “one size fits all” solutions won’t provide an individualised response to your unique needs.
  • Human Involvement. Technology increases efficiencies, but has limited functionality without intelligent human oversight.
  • Efficiency.Liberating valuable internal resources can strengthen revenue-generating departments.
  • Transparency.Understanding what does and doesn’t work is crucial for determining ROI.
  • Long-Term Results. Maintaining sustainability is challenging in the eCommerce environment. Focus on long-term solutions instead of short-term results that will quickly fade.
  • Performance Guarantee. The only expensive solution is the one that doesn’t work. Hold vendors accountable for their actions and ROI.

The Chargeback Company’s comprehensive suite of prevention products offers all of this and more. If you’d like additional information or what to schedule a demo, contact us today.

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