chargeback ratio

Chargeback Ratio

Do You Know Your Chargeback Ratio?

Product category, location, business model…there are lots of reasons why your processor or card association might label your business as too risky to touch. Still, there’s one factor that tends to weigh a lot more than any other in the decision: your chargeback ratio.

Stripe Chargebacks

The Stripe Chargeback Process: How to Win Your Next Dispute

Stripe is one of the most popular platforms available for online and mobile payments. Merchants are attracted by the simple and straightforward functionality, allowing them to focus less on complex payments infrastructure and more on making their business successful.


Merchant Identification Number

Protect Your Merchant ID…Your Business Depends on It.

Do you know where to find your merchant ID (or MID)? It’s a simple little code, but your merchant identification number is an extremely important part of any transaction.


Double Refunds

How to Prevent a Double Refund & Unnecessary Revenue Loss

One of the most disheartening experiences you'll have as a merchant is the double refund. Double refunds mean double the revenue loss.

What Are Double Refunds?


Key Indicators of Cyber Shoplifting

How Cyber Shoplifting Brings Retail Crime to the Digital Space

Let’s say someone walks into a store, pockets something off the shelf, then walks out without paying. That person would clearly be guilty of shoplifting…but did you know it’s possible to pull-off the same kind of behaviour online?

The Chargeback Company Selected for the Payments Awards 2018

We’re Finalists in the ‘Anti-Fraud or Security Solution’ & ‘Technology Provider’ Categories!

We’re happy to announce The Chargeback Company has been shortlisted for the Anti-Fraud or Security Solution of the Year and Technology Provider of the Year titles at the Payments Awards 2018.

Shortlisted for Retail Systems Awards 2018

We are a Finalist for “Retail Security Initiative of the Year”

We’re honoured to be selected as finalists for the Retail Systems Awards 2018. Our sincere thanks go out to the judges.

Honouring Retail Security Innovation

The modern payments environment is a fast-moving place.