22 September 2017

London, UK

An Exclusive Evening of Learning and Fun

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Calling all issuers, acquirers, and merchants!

Join us for the first-ever ChargeBash—a unique opportunity to gain expert advice and insider secrets from some of the most respected chargeback experts in the world.

During the afternoon, a series of speakers will explore the chargeback issue and offer actionable advice on ways to identify friendly fraud, techniques for preventing merchant errors and effective chargeback dispute strategies. We’ll also discuss how banks, processors, and merchants can (and should) work together for a profitable, sustainable payments environment.

We’ll cap off the event with an evening of fun and networking with professionals from all levels of the industry.

Friday, 22 September 2017, 3PM - 10PM

One Moorgate Place, London, EC2R 6EA

This event is free for established online merchants and payment industry professionals.

ChargeBash: A BRC Endorsed Event

One Moorgate Place

This event will be held at historic One Moorgate Place, an opulent building overflowing with character, culture, and heritage. Revel in the venue’s original architectural design and strong art-deco ambiance while enjoying contemporary features and up-to-date technological conveniences.

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An Afternoon of Information

ChargeBash 2017 kicks off with a two-hour masterclass in chargeback practices and procedures. We’ll discuss major flaws in the current system before introducing a more realistic and functional approach and delving into little-known chargeback prevention strategies. If you’ve ever had a question about any aspect of chargebacks, this is the place to find an answer, with “insider access” to industry secrets and optimisation tactics:

  • Learn to identify the 12 most common errors that lead to chargebacks
  • Gain exclusive tips and tricks from industry experts and thought leaders
  • Discover strategies that liberate resources and improve the bottom line
  • Analyse new industry regulations and how they impact businesses
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...and An Evening of Fun!

Directly following our presentation, enjoy a lively networking session with peers, industry leaders, and other professionals. Savour complimentary food and drink while expanding your payments knowledge and getting to know people involved with every facet of payment transactions.


Monica Eaton-Cardone

Monica Eaton-Cardone

Cofounder/COO of The Chargeback Company, Ms. Eaton-Cardone was named one of 2017’s “Most Influential Women in Payments” by PaymentsSource.

Gary Cardone

Gary Cardone

A natural leader and lifelong businessman, Mr. Cardone is CEO of The Chargeback Company and a 2017 Gold Medal winner of the CEO World Awards.

Carolyn Sweeny

Carolyn Sweeny

Former VP of Global Chargeback Operations for Mastercard, Ms. Sweeney has spent 20 years mastering chargeback management and associated legislation.

Kristjan Gjura

Kristjan Gjura

Mr. Gjura is an expert in threat identification, compliance, and transactional security with over a decade of experience at B+S Card Service, Deutsche Card Services, and Ethoca.

Steve Warner

Steve Warner

Mr. Warner served as Senior VP of Sales EMEA at PAY ON AG, and helped CNP merchants reduce chargeback loss at First Data, CardNet Merchant Services, and Royal Bank of Scotland.

Tracy Cray

Tracy Cray

Ms. Cray is the former Chargebacks & Disputes Manager for the Royal Bank of Scotland and served as chair of the European Experts Chargebacks Group.

Don't miss out!

Chargebacks needlessly steal revenue and threaten businesses’ longevity. We believe it’s time for the industry to come together, identify the underlying issues, and take coordinated action.

ChargeBash 2017 is the first step toward creating a profitable, sustainable payments environment, and offers exclusive benefits for attendees on both ends of the transaction chain:

For Merchants:

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  • Discover new approaches to chargeback mitigation
  • Learn how to identify online shoplifters
  • Identify underutilised revenue sources

For Payments Professionals:

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  • Understand how merchants experience chargebacks
  • Explore the impact of new and upcoming regulations
  • Gain insight into the future of the payments industry

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Event Schedule

03:00PM - 04:00PMRefreshments on Arrival

04:00PM - 06:00PMEducational Presentations

06:00PM - 10:00PMCanapes & Drinks