Craig McClure Featured on International Banker

The Chargeback Company’s Director of Relationship Mgmt. Talks Open Global Payments

Craig McClure, The Chargeback Company’s Director of Relationship Management, offered his near-two decades of experience to readers in a recent feature for International Banker.

The Revised Payments Services Directive (PSD2) and Visa Claims Resolution (VCR) are now in effect. More changes are coming soon, promising further shakeups for the payments industry. That’s why it’s more important than ever to keep up with payments industry changes.

More Efficient Payments On the Way

Craig knows the payments industry from many different perspectives, having filled roles at Lloyds Banking Group, RBS, and Visa. He has the expertise to gauge where the payments industry is headed, and how future payments will impact banks, merchants, and cardholders alike.

“In the past, large international banks entered into long-winded arguments between the parties when disputes and fraud claims started rolling in,” Craig explained. “But now, they’re coming under pressure from the likes of Visa and Mastercard to be more efficient; to deal with disputes more quickly, while delivering better outcomes for customers and to reduce overall operational costs.”

Craig McClure The Chargeback Company

We’re opening new lines of communications within payments, and you don’t want to be left behind. Click here to read Craig’s full piece.