Monica Eaton-Cardone Named ‘Global Leader’ by Women in IT Awards

The Chargeback Company® COO Wins ‘Global Leader of the Year’!

Judges selected The Chargeback Company® COO Monica Eaton-Cardone as the Global Leader of the Year at the 2019 Women in IT Awards London. This follows two months after her Business Leader of the Year acknowledgement from the Women in IT Awards Silicon Valley. What an honour!

The Women in IT Awards recognise the achievements and innovation of women in the tech space. The awards presentation on January 30 in London brought 1,200 business and technology leaders together. This represents incredible progress toward tackling the industry’s ongoing gender imbalance.

The awards have been presented since 2015 by Information Age. Additional sponsors include Amazon Web Services, Salesforce, Barclays, Expedia, and many more.

Diversity is Good for Business

It seems like we’re making progress toward gender parity in the tech field. Believe it or not, though, women today represent a smaller minority in the industry than they did 35 years ago.

Diversity drives innovation and competition. So, if we do nothing about this disparity, we risk falling behind as other countries take the lead on tech innovation.

Monica is a passionate advocate for women’s representation in tech fields. “We need to start early, promoting STEM education to girls before they leave school,” Monica explains.

“I suspect plenty of kids with an aptitude for technical fields never explore that option, because they never feel encouraged to do so. If we can start at an early age, we can destigmatise STEM and show that girls have a place here. By promoting women in tech today, we’re building the next generation of innovators!”

Learn more about the 2019 Women in IT Awards London here.