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Travellers: catch them if you can

Travellers: catch them if you can

In recent years, the travel industry has been flipped on its head. Without a good strategy in place to manage the side effects, things can get pretty costly. Download our latest eBook to explore:

  • The death of the single transaction and impact of “extras” models
  • How consumers get around cancelation fees and non-refundable bookings
  • The detrimental effect of impulse bookings and 24/7 access to services
  • Effective ways to deal with disputes in the travel industry

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Stop consumers jumping ship from their travel bookings

After a decade of dramatic tech transformations in the travel industry, travel operators have witnessed an increase in chargebacks by up to 600% – a number expected to increase over the coming year. Our Director of Travel Relations, Stefano Petrazzoli, explains exactly what has caused this surge, and what travel companies can do to fight back.


Stefano Petrazzoli, Director of Travel Relations at Chargebacks911 (The Chargeback Company)

It has never been more important for cooperation in the travel industry. Mass changes within the industry have caused a rapid evolution of consumer behaviour, but without a good strategy in place to manage the side effects, things can get pretty costly for those handling the cash.

So not only do we want to enhance the relationship between suppliers, affiliates, merchants and financial institutions, but we want to create a community that will ultimately benefit them and travellers worldwide.

We have a global vision to revolutionise chargeback management within the travel industry and education is the key to that. So let’s start by identifying the latest payment trends in the travel industry and explaining how to manage resulting risk in order to protect your revenue and support genuine customers’ needs.