Why Regular Operational Reviews Benefit a Chargeback Operation

How many companies out there feel confident they have the best process for handling their chargeback operation? Before you answer that question, answer this one: with numerous rule changes on Visa and Mastercard per year, does your ‘best process’ reflect those changes?

If the answer is yes, then’re unique!

All card schemes make constant rule changes, of which members are notified in regular announcements. If you’re not reading those announcements and making the relevant process changes, then not only could you be losing chargebacks cases that you should be winning, but you could be incurring fees for not following the rules!

Keep Up With Rule Changes...Or it Will Cost You

It doesn’t matter whether you have an automated chargeback system or your chargebacks are manually processed. If you don’t undertake regular process reviews, your company could lose thousands of pounds in revenue.

Most companies, quite rightly, focus their resources on projects that will increase their profitability. This is the key to building a successful business. However, if you’re not looking regularly at areas that have a negative impact on your bottom line, then you’re missing a trick!

Whether you are an issuer, acquirer or merchant, chargebacks are a cost to your business. Before you dismiss the idea of spending time or resource on reviewing your processes, ask yourselves the following questions:

Does my automated chargeback system reflect the latest rules logic?

Do I have a process in place to ensure manual processes are updated to reflect rule changes?

Do I have a process in place to ensure rule changes are relayed to the staff?

Other Considerations

Apart from changes to rules, there are many other areas to consider within the chargeback process that could be costing you money and affecting ROI:

Do you provide regular refresher training for your staff?

Can you prioritise your chargebacks, i.e. chargeback date and value?

Do you keep relevant and meaningful statistics?

Do you know what your write off figures are?

Do you know the causes of your write-offs?

If the answer to any of the above questions is ‘No’, maybe it’s time to consider a review of your chargeback operation. Contact the Chargeback Company today and see how we can help.

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